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Here is what we do

Drive with Confidence provides driving assessments, training and adaptations for drivers of all ages. For those towards the end of their driving career Jill can help determine fitness to drive. She can also help new drivers with physical or cognitive limitations in need of adaptations.

1) The Pre-driving Assessment occurs at the driver’s home. This includes: vision, cognition, strength, mobility and coordination, reaction time, review of medical history and medications, driving history and family concerns.

2) The Behind-the-Wheel Assessment (if deemed appropriate) is completed in the instructor’s vehicle with an Instructor Brake (and other adaptations as needed). This assessment includes: basic vehicle operation, ability to safely get in/out, managing adaptive equipment, adhering to rules of the road, self-awareness, emotional regulation, insight, judgment, distractibility, anticipating other drivers, and speed control.

3) Recommendations will be made for further training, to provide restrictions as appropriate, educate family/driver in areas of concern and assist with driving cessation if needed.

4) A valid driver’s license is required for Behind-the-Wheel Assessment.

5) A prescription from a MD, Optometrist or Physician’s Assistance is required.

Our Goal

To improve public safety by assisting families to determine if a family member is safe to drive and help through the transition of driving cessation as needed. We also help new drivers, with different abilities, the opportunity to become a safe driver through additional training or adaptations.

About Us

A. Jill Kelly, OTR/L, CDRS Owner, and Driving Evaluator

  • Licensed Occupational Therapist for 22 years (Specializing in geriatrics, home health)
  • Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist
  • CarFit Technician
  • Member – State OT Association (OTAC), National OT Association (AOTA), Association of Driver Rehabilitation Specialist (ADED)


The three hour assessment is $350. (Two hours for Pre-driving, one hour Behind-the-Wheel). It is not covered by insurance and is due on the day of evaluation. Further training is offered at $100 per hour.

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Phone: (303) 908-6322


I contacted Jill for a driving assessment for a patient that I was treating. There was beginning to be conflict between the patient and the family regarding safety with driving and family agreed that having a professional third-party assessment would be the best and safest route…